It’s a Wonderful Life

During this month, February, 2015, I’ve been continually nostalgic as I look back to February, 1995, twenty years ago.  In some ways, that time was the lowest point of my life; but in other ways I experienced my pinnacle. You see, on February 1, 1995, I, along with my five young children, ages 3-14, arrived back in America after a five-year tenure of missionary service in Romania. The circumstances of our departure from our field of service were humiliating and troubling as my marriage had broken up and I was now a single parent. When I returned to the home of my parents in defeat I was at the bottom looking up. But the point is….I was looking up.

In the Providence of God, my parents had only two months previously founded WYGE Christian Radio and within short weeks of my return to Kentucky, I was on the air for several hours daily. Initially, I worked “the board” and played programs and music in the late afternoon weekdays. But as I would play a set of music I began wondering if perhaps the music should be coordinated instead of random. After a few days of playing music themes, I started thinking, “Maybe I should say something about these songs!” And eventually, this was the birth of “Truth Talk”! The first broadcast of Truth Talk was on February 28, 1995. I can honestly say that this daily broadcast saved my life.

I’ve had many people tell me that the broadcast has been helpful to them and that they’ve received encouragement or insight. But I know that God gave me the broadcast for me. He knew that there was no way that I could stay defeated or be destroyed as long as I was preparing daily hour-long sermons based on His Word! So Truth Talk was His gift to me. But as is often he case, the gifts we receive are meant to be passed on to others.

I’ve expounded on many topics in these 20 years….especially during the first few years when I was often in Spiritual Warfare and continually struggling to raise my children, stay positive, and keep the right attitudes. So initially I taught on things like forgiveness, dealing with devastation, caring confrontation, and many others. But as time went on, I moved into many other areas of study such as the Beatitudes, understanding the Body of Christ, how to know the will of God, and Christian character. I’ve taught hundreds of hours during these twenty years and I’m grateful for all of them.

As I reflect on the past, I’m encouraged to celebrate God’s working in my life and ministry and I’m hopeful for the future! As an acknowledgement of all God has done through Truth Talk, I’m beginning a new series on the anniversary week of the program. On Monday, March 2, 2015, I plan to begin teaching on the subject “It’s a Wonderful Life”!

The series will cover areas of life that make us successful Christians. I will incorporate, as always, music that focuses on the subject taught. I’m excited to share some new music and artists that I’ve come to love and appreciate. My personal testimony will also be a part of the series. I’m anticipating a powerful response from listeners who are waiting to hear more of God’s plan for victorious living. And I hope to hear personally from many of you as you discover for yourselves the Wonderful Life God has planned for you!