New Life…On the First Day of Spring!

My life has been so busy for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve neglected to post some wonderful news! Just over a week ago, while I was on my way to North Carolina to visit my daughter, I received word that my daughter-in-law was on her way to the hospital to give birth to my new granddaughter! So I swiftly turned my car around and headed back west toward Kentucky! Harper Mae Zawko was born on March 20 (the first day of our long awaited SPRING!) to her daddy, Daniel, and mommy, Taryn, in Lexington, Kentucky. She joins her wonderful siblings, Ella and Danny! Although she was three weeks ahead of her due date, she was a good size: 6 pounds and 10 ounces. These three are my only grandchildren, but I expect my other kids will be starting families soon….the Zawko Gang is a competitive bunch!

Arlene and HarperAs I held my new granddaughter for the first time, there were so many thoughts running through my mind. Probably one of the most important was the truth of the amazing potential that one human life can possess! This baby girl already has a plan and purpose that God has written for her. It’s our job as parents and grandparents to nurture and grow the potential that God has placed within her. We actively do this by the godly choices and decisions we make when she’s small, and by pushing and prodding her toward the correct pathways of life, as she gets older.

Another thought: God’s truths and principles are passed from generation to generation. As I held this precious baby, my mind automatically went back to 33 years ago, when I held her daddy when he was born. The love and training that I poured into Daniel when he was an irresistible infant, a busy toddler, a wild-child, and an irrepressible teenager helped him become the man that he is now. Daniel is a good parent because he was loved and encouraged through his developmental years. But he’s also made some terrific choices on his own….some of which he never saw lived out, but he knows are needed in this age we in which we live.

So I’m rejoicing in this new addition to our family! And it’s such a nice touch to welcome her to our world for the first day of spring, 2015! It’s my hope that all my children will be together soon to welcome our new little girl into the Zawko Gang! As my five children live in four different states, it’s a pretty big undertaking for all of them to get together but we’re making this a priority. Hold your loved ones close, friends, while you have the opportunity. There’s nothing, short of Heaven, that even comes close to the treasure of Family.


One thought on “New Life…On the First Day of Spring!

  1. Congratulations on your new grandchild. Isn’t it amazing that I got my third grandchild on that same day a girl called Erika. My daughter’s second child. It is something special to meet a new grandchild for the first time. I have found that I felt a certain recognition in the eyes of the new born. As a health visitor I have met hundreds and hundreds of new born children through my working carrier, but this meeting is so special.


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