My life is worth the living…just because He lives

Sunday we celebrated the most important commemorative day of Christianity, Easter, which I prefer to call Resurrection Sunday. Although the incarnation of Christ was the beginning of the miracle of our salvation and reconciliation of man to God, the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus actually “sealed the deal”! He took our sins upon Himself and died in our place (as if He was a sinner) but then defeated sin and death when He miraculously was raised from the dead on the third day.

Personally, I rejoice on Easter because I have experienced the new life given by Christ. But that’s not my only source of joy on this Easter Sunday, 2015.  This year I saw all five of my children on Easter weekend, although one son and his wife that just had a new baby couldn’t come home for Sunday worship. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful time with family. My greatest joy in life has been in the gift of my children…and now my grandchildren.

Twenty years ago, when I became a single parent, I became so burdened and worried that my children would suffer as a result of my divorce and the lack of a present father in our home. But as I cried out to the Lord for an answer, He assured me that I was not to fear, that my children would “come forth shining as gold” just like Job did after he was tested. We have all been through some difficult times in these past twenty years, but it’s true that after all this time, my children really do shine like gold! Just in the past two years, my family circle is complete and every one of my children has made a personal commitment to Christ. So although we’ve always been a close family, we are closer now as part of the Family of God.

As I celebrate the Risen Savior, I also celebrate the meaningful, victorious, life He has given me and the future He has promised me. Every day He allows me to continue this life is a gift from above. “Because I know He holds my future, my life is worth the living, just because He lives!”


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