Maintaining Balance in an Unbalanced World

Recently I observed a young individual who seemed to exert an over-abundance of confidence and I noted that perhaps a little more caution or humility might be needed in his life. And that thought led to another and another…as I began mentally listing all the areas of life, both natural and spiritual, that require balance. It’s not that confidence is a negative trait–but for a confident person to be truly successful, that confidence must be counter-balanced with wisdom…which we might call caution.   Lately I’ve been pondering the many areas of character, habits, and even Biblical doctrine, which call for balance in the life of the Believer.   So in a few days, I plan to begin a new series on Truth Talk which will cover many of these themes.

When I think of balance, the idea of a tight-rope walker comes to my mind. I usually visualize the circus performer holding a balancing pole as he walks across the high wire, trying to keep his equilibrium. In the Christian journey, the believer walks the precarious wire of this earthly life holding a balancing pole too. That pole is the Word of God that keeps us stabilized in a world that is constantly wobbling and wavering. Whether it’s our character…or lack of it, or our daily practices and habits, it’s God’s plan for His people to be steady and upright.

Even in the area of ministry in the Church of Jesus Christ, The Lord desires and expects balance. Evangelism must be balanced with discipleship. Growth of the local church must be balanced with global missions. To truly please God, we must be well-rounded Christians in a well-rounded church.

I find it fascinating that God Himself illustrates balance in His character and attributes. God’s holiness is balanced by His loving-kindness. His hatred for sin is balanced by His love for the sinner. And His doctrines also show us balance when we see the relationship of God’s Providence to the free will of man. I’m excited to begin the study of many of these areas that reflect the perfect balance that God reveals in Himself and that He desires to see in His people.