Both Keys Required!

Recently I finished my newest Truth Talk series, “Maintaining Balance in an Unbalanced World.” On the final broadcast I closed with one of my favorite scriptural thoughts, “Both Keys Required!”   As much as any single text or scriptural principle, this truth has changed my life!

Hebrews 11:6 says, But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” This verse clearly explains the balance of faith in God that is necessary for the believer to exert in order to please God…and even to come to Him!

In order to correctly understand orIMG_5646 visualize what is taking place with this two-fold faith, I think of a locked door. The door of my house has two locks; a deadbolt and the lock on the door knob. To enter the house I actually have to use two separate keys! And in the same way, to show the faith necessary to please God, we must use two keys to come to Him. When looking at these two aspects of faith I simplify them in this way:

  1. We must believe that He is…. Or believe that God is God!
  2. We must believe that He is the rewarder of them that seek Him … Or believe that

God is Good!

The God-pleasing, door-opening faith that is required of the believer is two-fold, encompassing the truths that God is both great AND good. The way I imagine this truth is to remind myself that even if I unlock the deadbolt to my door…if I don’t unlock the other lock, on the door knob, I can’t get in. The same way, if we have faith that God is God, but we don’t trust that He is also good, we cannot please Him or even come to Him.

The first part of the verse refers to the greatness of God; His omnipotence, His awesomeness, His immutability, His omniscience, His omnipresence, His foreknowledge…and many other God-qualities that are far beyond our understanding. The second part of the verse refers to the character of God…His goodness. This would include His faithfulness, His love, His patience, the grace He extends to His children, His forgiveness…and the list is endless. But the crucial part of the verse is the word “And”. It’s not enough to believe that God is God…we must also believe that He is Good.

It’s my firm conviction that our enemy, Satan, knows that he will not be able to convince you and I that God is neither God nor good. He knows he can’t get us to drop BOTH keys. But it is Satan’s tactic to convince us to drop one of the keys. He might tell you that, “Sure, God is in control. He is powerful and can do anything…but He doesn’t love you enough to protect you. He let this bad thing happen to you when He could have stopped it.” If you believe that lie from the enemy, then you have dropped the “God is Good Key”. Or Satan might tell you that “Sure, God loves you but He just couldn’t do anything about the situation. He’s not in control.” If you believe that lie, then you have dropped the “God is God Key”.   Again, remember, the only way to please God…and come to Him…is to use BOTH keys.

So how do we answer the enemy when he tries to steal one of the Faith Keys? We remind him (and we remind ourselves) of the truth: “Yes, God is the God of the Universe! He has all power and He is in control. And Yes, God is a God who loves me, who cares for me continually, and He has a purpose in every situation or difficulty that comes into my life. God is God AND God is Good!” With these two keys you have direct access to come to God and even more than that, you have assurance that you will please Him. That’s His promise!


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