Arlene Zawko’s Journey

Arlene Zawko is the host of Truth Talk, a 50-minute program combining insightful teaching with music that reinforces the topic.

Truth Talk was launched in February 1995, shortly after Arlene and her children relocated to London, KY following a five-year tenure as resident missionaries to Romania. Although her position was as program director at WYGE Christian Radio, she felt directed by God to begin a daily instructional program that was designed to keep her continually focused on The Word, while drawing strength from the lessons shared.

The principles and insights revealed in these broadcasts through these 20 years of ministry are a direct outgrowth of the struggles and victories she has experienced in her personal Christian walk. It is Arlene’s life calling to “Expose the lies of the Enemy and Reveal the truth of God”. Truth Talk is a powerful way to fulfill that calling not only in the 750,000 listening area, but now throughout the world through streaming WYGE Christian Radio online. The teaching can also be accessed by purchasing CDs of these collections of topics. Arlene also accepts limited speaking engagements at women’s conferences.


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